Why? How? When?

During the preparation for the wedding, any bride has a lot of questions about the organization of the wedding. And if the wedding is going to be planned abroad, you don’t even know who to ask these questions. If your heart already belongs to Santorini or you are just starting to fall in love with the island, then pay attention to this article. Here I will talk about the wedding nuances on the island of Santorini.

Why Santorini?

Wedding in Santorini is perfect for those couples who want to create a holiday just for themselves or in the circle of the closest people. A huge number of couples come to the island and spend their wedding day to enjoy each other. Therefore, even if you know that not all relatives and friends want to go along with you, do not give up the dream, because this day should belongs only to you two or to a narrow circle of those closest to you.

A wedding in Santorini is a good option for brides who dream of a beautiful wedding dress since childhood, but at the same time dream of breathtaking views and the sea.

Weddings in Santorini is not just a photo shoot with beautiful landscapes behind, it is also a ceremony that touches evryone’s soul, you will feel every single moment by your body and soul and a moment that you will never forget.

What else is the vital reason choose the Wedding in Santorini? Stunning views and awesome sunsets! It is believed that there you can meet the most beautiful sunsets. This island seems to be made for lovers, everything is saturated with romance. You can look at hundreds of photos, videos, but you can feel the island and fall in love with it only by standing there on the edge of the Caldera, taking a deep breath, saying “yes!”

How to organize a wedding in Santorini?

The local event industry works the way that contractors, mainly restaurants and wedding locations, are reluctant to negotiate with brides only through the planners. Having a wedding planner one of the vital term to have a well-planned wedding in Santorini. The planners are responsible for all planning work, including the coordination of the day, negotiation with a venue, restaurant, the representative of the Town Hall, contractors, filling in documents for registration of marriage and working with your documents if you decide to do it officially. Therefore, preparation should be started with the search for a wedding planner.

Communication with couples, as a rule,goes using social networks, Skype. Sometimes couples choose agencies with a representative office in their country or city in order to feel calm and promptly to resolve emerging issues.

According to the rules of our agency, a day or a few days before the wedding, we will meet with a couple on the island to make sure that there are no more questions left to discuss about final timing and decor.

On the wedding day a team joins to a planner,which at least consist of stylists, decorators and the film crew. Stylists, photographers and videographers are offered by the planner. A couple can bring their specialists to the island, but the rules of wedding venues are that only legal photographers and videographers should work at the ceremony. The planner also coordinates the wedding day at the venue and restaurant.

The most important person during the ceremony is the representative from the Mayor. A specially authorized representative from the City Hall holds the ceremony on the island, he holds the ceremony very solemnly and beautifully, therefore there is no difference between official and symbolic ceremonies, except for the signed documents.

All wedding ceremonies,either symbolic or official, take place on specially equipped grounds for this, which are necessarily closed to strangers, with stunning views of the volcano or simply on the blue expanse of the sea. Each of them can be rented both for the ceremony and reception, but this must be done, of course, in advance. As a rule, in addition the rent of the venue includes chairs for guests, sound system, table, glasses, dishes for the cake. If you are booking a venue at the same time you book a representative from the City Hall. Therefore, weddings without a representative from the City Hall or outside the special venues on the island are considered illegal.

When is better to have a wedding in Santorini?

The holiday season, respectively, wedding season, in Santorini is from late April to late October. Depending on the month, the ideal time for the ceremony may shift, ask your planner for the sunset time on your chosen day, this is very important scheduling the time for the ceremony, because the ceremony will be held outdoors.

The date, time and location must be booked in advance! This is the second thing a bride needs to do after choosing a planner – decide on the date, place and restaurant if you have a lot of guests. And since there are not too many wedding venues, and some of them set a limit on weddings per day, you need to take care of this in advance.

If you really dream of a wedding in Santorini, then all you need to do is to write to the planner. If you choose the right person with whom you will be on the same wave, then the preparation for the wedding will seem like a pleasant adventure you will remember for the rest of your life!

Do not give up on your dream, follow it!