Wedding in Italy – Te Amo Wedding

What determines the price of a wedding in Italy?

The type of your wedding

You can choose between symbolic and official ceremonies. Both of them are held the same solemnly. But for official certain the list of documents is required. Ask us for additional info.

Your chosen wedding venue

We can offer a big variety of wedding locations of Italy which will suit to your budget, wishes and quantity of guests. The prices are for two hours of rent.

Additional service

We offer photographers, videographers, stylists. We cooperate with a large number of professionals on the island. We can also help with booking hotels and restaurants.

The price for wedding service

symbolic CEREMONY

from 1490€
Personal wedding coordinator - Full information support for a couple and their guests
Development of wedding ideas and programe of the day
Booking the date and the time of the ceremony
The booking of the wedding location
Payment of all necessary local taxes
Coordinator during all your wedding day
Symbolic wedding certificate
Bridal bouquet, groom boutonnaire
A bottle of champagne
Basic decoration of the wedding location
CD music during the ceremony
Box for the rings

Wedding locations in Italy

We work on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, Lake Como, Lake Garda and many other venues and can offer any that suits your budget. If you are interested in OFFICIAL CEREMONY,  we can say the final price for planning after choosing the wedding venue, as prices for official representative from Townhall vary greatly from location to location.  Ask us for additional info.

Amalfi. Ravello

Rent of the Princess Garden

800 (up to 50 guests)
2-hour rent


Rent of the Punta Carrera

550 (up to 50 guests)
2-hour rent

Lake Como

Rent of the Villa Balbianello

2600 (up to 20 guests)
2-hour rent

Amalfi. Sorrento

Rent of the venue Blue Villa

700 (up to 15 guests)
2-hour rent

Amalfi. Ravello

Rent of the Garden

500 (up to 10 guests)
2-hour rent

Amalfi. Positano

Rent of the terrace

2-hour rent

Lake Como

Rent of the Villa Monastero

1100 (up to 20 guests)
2-hour rent

Lake Como

Rent of the Villa Chipresso

2200 (up to 35 guests)
2-hour rent


Rent of the Antika Lodge

500 (up to 50 guests)
2-hour rent


Rent of the terrace with Vatican view

600 (up to 15 guests)
2-hour rent

Rome. Lake Bracciano

Rent of the Aqua Lago

500 (up to 50 guests)
2-hour rent


Rent of the Villa Artimino

650 (up to 50 guests)
2-hour rent


Rent of the Villа Nanni

800 (up to 20 guests)
2-hour rent


Rent of the Villa Barbara

500 (up to 25 guests)
2-hour rent


Rent of the Villa Fiorentina

1000 (up to 15 guests)
2-hour rent

Wedding in Italy

One of the most important days in your life will come soon, and the weather outside doesn`t male you happy? Are you dreaming about to get married on the seashore or on a picturesque island since childhood? Your dream can become a reality if you choose a wedding abroad. And the best place to hold it will be Italy – a country that for sure can be called one of the most beautiful European countries.

Italy is a country of passion, romance, sun, hills with vines, slender cypress trees … It’s impossible not to lose your head from picturesque views and intoxicating love. Not without reason many couples choose this place for the marriage ceremony and do not regret of anything.

Types of weddings in Italy

Taking the decision of bonding your feelings with the bonds of marriage in Italy, first of all, you should decide what kind of ceremony you need:

official wedding; 

symbolic marriage;

and catholic ceremony.

The official registration of marriage in Italy is carried out by reliable specialists of the country and includes all bureaucratic formalities. Those who marry receive a certificate that will be valid on the territory of your country.

If you have registered your marriage in your homeland, but wants to relive the feelings of the special day in a more romantic atmosphere, then you should choose a symbolic ceremony.

Newlyweds wishing to get married in Italy may not worry about their religion. In this country, many religions peacefully coexist, so the organization of Orthodox, Catholic and other religions will not be a problem.

 Where to celebrate the wedding in Italy

Rich in picturesque places, fabulously beautiful cities and historical places, Italy will make the dream come true of thousands of brides for an unforgettable wedding. You can plan it both on the seashore and in the heart of the Apennine Peninsula – in Rome. Also popular wedding locations are Florence with cobbled streets and the aroma of coffee, romantic Verona, Lake Como with numerous villas and the sunny island of Sicily with the scent of oranges.