How does a wedding go in Santorini?

Many brides ask this question, because each country has its own particular scenario of holding a wedding day.
First of all, it should be noted that the wedding in Santorini is a day full of relaxation. Because of the heat, the ceremony is best to put after 4 p.m. (depending on the month, of course). Therefore, before the ceremony, the couple and the guests have quite time to relax and enjoy the beauty of Santorini (if the hotel is on Caldera) or the company of each other.

what is the wedding ceremony in Santorini about?
A stylist comes to your room to prepare a bride and a pleasant vanity begins. Whether to photograph the bridal morning or not, you decide. By the appointed time, you and your guests arrive at the venue. From this moment, you can not worry about the guests, your planner will take care of them.
The ceremony starts at the exact time it is scheduled and the magic of the wedding begins. It should be noted that a symbolic ceremony and an official have no difference, except for the signed documents (symbolic or official certificate).
At the venue you spend about an hour and a half (if there is no wedding dinner scheduled at the venue). The planners, as a rule, have a plan what to do on the venue (I will not tell which one, you will know later there will be a surprise;)), but the time is quite enough for everything: for photos, first dance and much more.
After a couple with or without guests going to be photographed or in a restaurant. It all depends on the wishes of the couple, the number of guests, the organization of additional entertainment is possible. The timing of the day is compiled along with the planner and the photographer. How your wedding day will go, only you to decide!

what is the wedding ceremony in Santorini about?