Check-list of wedding preparation

If you have definitely decided that the wedding of your dreams is a wedding in Santorini, then this information will be useful for you. Each bride is facing a big amount of information during preparation to wedding and to a huge list of things to do before the wedding. Here I will share with you common points, a kind of checklist, on which you need to think about planning a wedding in Santorini. Some of the points are individual and may not be needed at all, some are extremely important.

The season of weddings in Santorini begins at the end of April and lasts until mid-October. Optimally, this kind of wedding should start being prepared before 9 months, in order to choose hotels / wedding venue / photographers not from the remaining, but the best for you. Actually, you can plan your wedding in two months, as good as any others brides, but preparation will be a bit nervous. Here I am considering a variant of measured preparation, unhurried and thoughtful.

6-9 months

• Choose your wedding planner ( how your wedding will pass,depends on him, so choose wisely)
Decide whether you want a wedding for two or with guests
Decide whethet
the wedding be official or symbolic?
Think about in which part of the day you want the ceremony: in the morning, in the afternoon or at sunset time
To make a reservation of your wedding venue with your wedding planner (no, not too early, imagine, the venues are booked not only by your city or country, but by the whole world, so hurry up to choose the most beautiful site and the most convenient time for you)

   • Make prepayment for your wedding venue
Start a search for a photographer and a videographer

4-6 months

 Plan a pre-wedding or post-wedding journey
Search and purchase all tickets for you and guests ( as practice shows,  the earlier, the lower price)
Hotel reservation for you and guests
Think over the entertainment for the guests (if there are many guests)
Reserve your date from
a photographer and a videographer
•Decide on a
Think about your wedding look with a stylist or by yourself
Search your wedding dress and suit for groom
Start preparing documents for the official wedding
Book a restaurant (with a large number of guests)
Think about transfer of your guests from location to location

2-4 months

Apply for a visa
Prepayment for hotels
Prepayment for restaurant
Prepayment of a photographer and a videographer
Prepayment (payment) of the stylist
Decide on
the style and color of the wedding
Discuss with your wedding planner the decoration and bouquet with boutonniere
Make a polygraphy if required

1-2 months

  Fully dress yourself and your groom
Buy shoes for yourself and the groom
Select Rings
Think about the decor and details that you would like to make yourself
Send a document with your wishes to your planner
Think over your look on of your bridal morning
Documents must be ready
Visas must be ready
Deal with invitations

One month before the wedding

Sew a dress if required
Take your decor from the masters or finish them
chedule timing and locations with a photographer and a videographer for photos and videos
Cosmetology (better not right before your wedding)
Hairdresser and other necessary cosmetic procedures

One week before the wedding

Manicure and pedicure

The bride is ready, the groom is ready! Be sure to take passports, tickets and rings! And move towards to your happiness!

And do not forget about a preliminary meeting with your coordinator on the island ;))