About our agency

To be calm, preparing for your wedding day, first of all, you need to be confident in the people whom you decide to entrust this day. Therefore, I’ll tell you a little about us.

◾️Te Amo Wedding is part of a large team that lives in Santorini year-round. That is why we can organize your weddings all year round, and not just during the wedding season.
◾️Our company is local, with our own office in Santorini, in Kamari. Where we hold our meetings with couples the day before the ceremony, verifying and discussing all the previously agreed details.
◾️ Experience in organizing the wedding of our company is for 10 years. Personally, Te Amo Wedding – 4 years. You can definitely be calm about the safety of your wedding day!
◾️ Personally, I visit Santorini every year, organize all my weddings at a distance, and, if possible, coordinate them locally.
◾️ At least 3 people are working on your wedding besides me for the entire preparation time. Therefore, if for some reason I can’t be on the island during your wedding, I trust the coordination of your day to another planner who is fully knowledgeable about the details of your wedding. If there is such a need, we can always arrange a Skype meeting with all participants of the process.
◾️Since we are on the island all year round we have the opportunity to show selected venues and restaurants via video link.
◾️ We always offer the best and most profitable solutions to your questions. We work with the best and most trusted specialists of the island.

You definitely can trust us your special day. Each wedding is unique for us!